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Опасности в Турции

Опасности в Турции


In warm weather, many species of animals

more active. At any moment, we can face death, nose to nose, stepping on the ground, swimming in the sea. Many dangers can not escape, they can appear anywhere and anytime. Sometimes even a tiny, pretty insect, a bee or mosquito can annoy us and darken our lives. I want to warn you about the most dangerous animals in Turkey.


In Turkey, a disease like mouse, hemorrhagic fever, caused by rodents, is often found. In such provinces as Tokat, Sivas, Chorum. Follow hand hygiene and pay attention to the cleanliness of restaurants and cafes.


Not every fish in Turkey can be eaten, because of the 450 species 26 living in the waters of Turkey are poisonous. These include: scorpion fish, rhinoceros fish, Black Sea scorpion ruff, sea cat, big sea dragon, Siganus luridus, European stargazer and others. Every year, thousands of anglers get seriously injured and even take lives.


Almost every region of Turkey has poisonous snakes. Be careful! Pay attention to the roads at night.


Although the number of bears was reduced to 3 thousand, every year there is still an unpleasant meeting, and if there are no weapons in the hands, then the situation can be deplorable. Particularly dangerous areas: eastern Anatolia and the Black Sea coast. People should avoid these dangerous animals.


He is considered one of the most dangerous animals in Turkey, especially in the days when offspring appear, at first glance they seem nice and calm, but suddenly they can turn into a nightmare. The prevalence of buffalo, buffaloes is concentrated in Afyon around the Red River Delta.

LION FISH, Pterrionus

In recent years, the number of these fish has been growing rapidly in Turkey. It is especially dangerous for anglers who fish with a net. This fish has poisonous thorns, besides pain, this encounter can end in death.


About 14 species of scorpions live in Turkey. Yellow and black scorpions are the most poisonous both in Turkey and around the world. Both species are found in the cities: Gaziantep, Diyarbakir, Hatay, Shanliurfa, Adana, Malatya, Mersin.


In Turkey, seven species of wasps and bees. Due to allergic reactions, 200 people die every year. Therefore, you need to be serious about bee and hornet bites.


One of the diseases that we have heard in recent years is Lyme disease. This disease is caused by mosquitoes, lice, fleas, spiders, biting flies transmitted from their bites. These bacteria mimic more than 350 diseases. Lupus, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson are just some of them. According to the data, about 10 million people live with these bacteria in the body.


The spikes of this fish are poisonous, and the jaws are so strong that without difficulty they can bite through the fishing line and even damage the finger.




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